Programs & Services
Teens Transitioning

Youth Transitioning offers emancipated, runaways, and foster teens transitioning from state care services and programs in the areas of:

  • Temporary Transitional Housing

  • Financial Literacy & Wealth

  • Fiscal Responsibility and Credit

  • Health & Wellness

  • Relationship Wellness

  • Self/Image Development

  • Entrepreneurship and Mentorship

  • Housing & Auto purchasing

  • Career Assessment

  • Tools to becoming self-sufficient

Women Re-Creating

Riyah’s House provides programs and services for women in the areas of:

  • Financial literacy and wealth building

  • Home buying

  • Auto financing

  • Balancing career & family

  • Healthy love & relationships

  • Temporary transitional housing

  • Career change

  • Cultivating life skills

  • Entrepreneurship and mentorship.

  • Personal development

  • Health education


And empowerment to become self-sufficient leaders in their homes and community.

Youth & The Arts

Our program Motivated2Succeed, educates, empower, equip, and motivate youth ages 10 - 17 (ages 18 must be in current graduating class) interested in pursuing careers in the Fine & Performing Arts and Business Industry.

Students will acquire insight from some of today’s well known performers to executives in the industry of:


  • Music

  • Dance

  • Theatre

  • Film

  • Culinary

  • Engineering

  • Entertainment Law

  • Event Planning

  • And many more…


Students participating in these workshops will have an opportunity to network and

establish internships.