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Support Services

The keystone to Riyah's House is providing support services to women who are grieving the loss of a child as well as women in need of mentoring and self-development. 

This is the heart of our Founder/President, Barakah Miller, as Riyah's House is named in the memory of her daughter Ramiyah.

Mother's Grieving

There's no bond like a mother's and her womb. That connection is strong and unbreakable. But when that sacred bond is taken the grief and mourning becomes unbearable.

We invite you to join us for our mothers support group, 


Unspoken Beauty (Inside)

Unspoken Beauty (Inside) is a group for women who have a desire for change, growth, self-love, self-evaluation, self-dedication, and are ready to move from inertia to expand and grow. Unspoken Beauties are ready to commit to their own personal development.  This group is hands on and will equip participants with the confidence to move forward in pursuing and loving themselves to acquire the relationships they desire.


She Said Yes!

She said HER! Congratulations on making the commitment to YOU! We can't wait to meet did it Sis!

This workshop is for women who are ready to spiritually grow and apply teaching to accelerate in a faith lifestyle, purpose, and business.


The Retreat

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Let's Work Together

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