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Hello, Meet Ramiyah

February 18, 2003-March 10, 2003

My Story

It's taken me 19 years to publicly, introduce my Angel, to the world. Let me be CLEAR, it has absolutely nothing to do with shame, it's private and personal.

The short memories and few images are all I have left to honor my Miyah. I wanted and needed to hold her as close as I could for my own personal healing and growth. However, it's time for her debut and formal introduction to the world.

Who would have ever thought that such a tiny, fragile, beautiful human being could have so much impact on one's life? Now she gets to make massive impact in the healing and growth of so many other women and families mourning and grieving the loss of their little one.

I'm so privileged to have been chosen to be your mother; even though it was only for 3 short weeks. Ramiyah you changed and SAVED my LIFE! Our family has been touched by your short introduction that will forever be embedded in their minds and heart.


My Jewels, I humbly introduce you to my Ramiyah Shakira K'yanna Miller-Jones. 

I Wish You Were Here

I've got a life of my own, but I wish I could bring you home.
Way up high in the sky, so soon you left with no goodbyes.  If only we could go back in time I would've tried my best to keep you alive.
I was a little girl not much older than you. Couldn't wait to hold you and take care of you. I've always imagined that you would come back, if i could only bring you back. You never learned to walk. You never learned to talk. If I could only bring you back.
It's been fifteen years since you left, but at least you're at rest.  
If heaven wasn't so far away, I would take a trip almost every day.
I wish you were here; I wish you could've stayed; please come back to live at least one more day.

by Ta'Lonee
Ramiyah's Big Sister


FEBRUARY 18, 2003-MARCH 10, 2003


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