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Baby's Grasp


Our Founding
Riyah's House was created by our Founder/President Barakah Miller, in memory of her daughter Ramiyah, as a safe place for women to heal and recreate themselves after trauma. Barakah's water broke at 25 weeks on valentine's day in 2003. A few days later Ramiyah was  delivered (c-section) prematurely at 26 weeks. 
Our Mission
To provide a healing oasis for mother's grieving the loss of a baby or child under 5 years old, while servicing women recreating themselves after trauma. 

The vision of Riyah's House is to become the resource for healing and hub for creating opportunities for women to unlock the purpose they have within.
Riyah's House has 2 Tiers of service:

Tier 1

Mother's Grieving, a circle of love that meets twice weekly to help cope with the loss of a child (under 5 years old).


Riyah's House provides additional workshops to assist with the pain of a mother's grief.

Tier 2

B & B transitional housing for women who are in a transitional period of their life seeking to re-create themselves and explore entrepreneurship to create self-sufficiency, legacy, wealth, and embrace their creativity. 

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